Oven Repair

Oven Repair Throughout Collierville, TN.

At Total Focus Appliance Repair, Collierville, TN., we are all too familiar with customers contacting us to say after regular use they have switched their oven on and without warning, something is not working as it should, leaving them struggling to feed their family, organize their day around repair technicians or even worse, consider organizing finance to replace their old appliance for new.

You may be surprised to learn that our expert repair technicians can service, troubleshoot and fix problems at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing your appliance and in a time convenient manner, to minimize disruption.

Home Repairs

Ovens have a lot of components that are used almost daily, imposing stress that can eventually lead to a breakdown of the appliance. Troubleshooting the exact cause of a fault is the first step for our technicians and one which they have years of experience in performing.

Occasionally a customer contacts us after having attempted to repair the appliance themselves. We cannot stress highly enough how dangerous and damaging this can be to your appliance. There are multiple delicate components designed to work in synchronicity with one another - using the incorrect tool or disassembling your appliance without the correct knowledge could damage these parts further. Of even more significance is the risk to yours and your family's health; incorrectly repaired appliances are a major fire hazard.

Untrained persons repairing such appliances could void both the warranty and household insurance. Never attempt a DIY repair, always call a professional certified trade company to carry out the necessary repair work.


Heating Problems

If your oven is taking a long time to heat up or fails to maintain adequate temperature, you should first check your pilot light if it is a gas stove. In the case of the oven being electric, the breaker switch should be checked. Once you have confirmed there is power or fuel going to the appliance, the likely faults thereafter usually lie with the thermostat or motor components. 

Door Latches and Hardware

If your oven door does not close properly, heat will escape from your oven wasting time and costing you energy. Troubleshooting and replacing the hardware that secures doors, runners and trays are relatively simple with the correct tools and knowledge. 

On self-cleaning ovens, which are becoming an increasingly more popular choice for homeowners as they seek to save time, the cleaning latches may be the cause of the problem. Again, these are easily fixed by our professional staff.


In the event of the built-in sensors becoming damaged overheating can occur, resulting in spoilt food. Another common cause of this is the thermostat gauge which whilst showing one temperature may be supplying a higher amount of fuel to the cooker, resulting in overheating.

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Ovens are often described as the backbone appliance of the household. As soon as you notice your cooker is not performing as it should, be sure to call us to schedule an engineer visit and prevent the problem from becoming worse, potentially costing you more money than an early stage repair.